With its unique specialized and scientific facilities, Suruvanda started operating in 2005 as a real person with a new approach after 18 months of researching and procuring the necessary infrastructure for success.


providing effective and innovative services and solutions for the transformation, recreation, growth and development of businesses.

The company, registered as a legal entity in 2009 after expanding its facilities, developing relationships globally, especially in European countries and favorable domestic economic communications, started a new season of its growth and development. Due to its valuable capabilities in terms of skilled and experienced personnel, efficient and effective investments, achieving and granting representations to develop and facilitate the transactions, reputation and required business relationships, developing the operations and creation of initiative and innovations in service delivery have put the company in the spotlight and as the center of supplying the economic business needs.

Suruvanda is constantly adding new efforts, features and services to its broad range of possibilities, to draw a good vision for the future and in order to perform its tasks by the support of these facilities to supply needs, facilitate the services and ensure better day-to-day customer demand.


creating a site for merchants, businessmen, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and investors to supply the needs, introducing their services and products in the domestic and international markets, and also, empowering, collaborating, developing and directing our partners’ and customers’ businesses.

Through a scientific and engineering approach, this company is prepared with a purely ethical idea of ​​good service, and it is only in the pursuit of obtaining your consent.

Honesty and integrity are a prerequisite for success and happiness.

We are an import and export international trading company that provide international companies, investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in any kind of economic activity in Iran and the geographical region of Middle East and Asia, which contributes to their successful presence.


becoming a popular and effective site in the area of international trading for value creation and wealth creation thinking about human societies’ promotion.

If you are interested in building a successful business or building a profitable business or looking to expand your business or service in Iran, we are an international trading company that offers opportunities and services to close you to your goal.

Foreign companies, investors and entrepreneurs seeking to launch and execute a business strategy in the Iranian market, can thus identify the market in line with their economic activity and walk in this path with complete information and in the shortest time and have the most relevant and practical information to make the final decision in the shortest possible time.

Using scientific tools, engineering and market analysis, we design a model for a successful presence in the Iran market and we will help you achieve your goals through monitoring the steps of creating, implementing, growing, developing and managing.

Company fundamentals:

Management principles:

Our values:

Behavioral framework and guidelines

The organizational behavior elements of Suruvanda are based on our management principles, values, insights and goals.

Recognizing and applying the right behavior will make the organization environment more interesting and causes increasing productivity.

Our Strategy

Our business strategy is relied upon the following three principles; strategies designed to show Suruvanda status as an international company in the world market.

1- Bing different
2- Creating value
3- Act above customer expectation

Our Statement:

We conduct affairs with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, with the least waste of human and material resources, and we make every effort possible to increase productivity. We have strengthened the key capabilities and skills of every area of ​​our business and we create value for our customers through our ongoing research and development, and seek to enhance our service and product range considering the environmental changes and customer needs. We will work continuously with our partners and clients, grow and develop our goals.

Beyond our responsibility, we create more value and make our customers happier.