Business Consulting

Are you going to optimize your international operations or look for opportunities to expand your business? We aimed to create a business relationship between ourselves and international companies that want to be present in the Iranian market, and in this regard, consider ourselves a bridge between international companies and Iranian companies and provide opportunities to facilitate trade to enter the Iranian market so that investors and corporations can accurately draw and pursue their business goals with comprehensive information on market, customer requirements, business rules, tastes and community traditions.

Our consultants can bring a valuable experience with new ideas to help make informed decisions. 

Creating an overview of the Iran market for your products and services

Creating an overview of the Iran market for your products and services

Market research

Identifying competitors and customers
Being familiar with the target market structure
correct recognition of the barriers, problems and solutions
threats and Opportunities
Laws and Regulations
Recognizing and adapting cultural differences

Writing a business plan

Goals and plans
Target customers
Industry trends
Relative advantages
Marketing plan


Brand specification
Distribution Channel

Operational Plan

Providing a database of company profiles based on your goals
Writing an primary letter and introduce your company and services
Following up and negotiating with selected companies
setting appointment and visits
preparing report
Sending your travel plan

Doing business at today’s complex world of international law and regulation with rapid changes, requires a certain insight, thinking and expertise. There is no simple way to enter the global markets. The right structure according to the resources level, market potential and experience in a business should be selected in the international environment with the help of experts. 

Our consultants provide you with the right tools to provide international resources or enter new markets and develop your business.